Dear Doctor,

Over the past few years a great deal of misunderstanding has occurred pertaining to the tooth whitening process and the materials available. Dental magazines are filled with ad after ad of products that claim to be superior to others, but offer no real information to support these claims. Are all products the same? Is bleaching safe? What is the correct percentage for my patients? Is sensitivity increased with increased peroxide percentage? Are the longer wear times (overnight vs. short daytime treatments) more effective? Do laser lights increase effectiveness? These are all topics discussed in the following articles. Our hope is that this informational series will give you the ability to make informed decisions for your patients.



Reservoirs Not Really Needed -Michael Miller, DDS


The ABC's of Sensitivity: The Sensitivity Issue Through the Eyes of a Registered Hygienist-Victoria DeCosta, RDH


The BS of Tooth Whitening: What to Believe and What not to Believe -Rodney Ogrin, DDS

The Battle of the Percentages: The Patients' Best Interest is the Bottom Line



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